John A. Carlos, Chairman

“As a lifelong friend of the Poulos family, I was truly grieved to learn that Andee had suffered a devastating AVM and was fighting for her life. I wanted to help, as did scores of other friends. Andee’s Army was born out of our love and compassion for this child, and our commitment to help her ‘come back’ and live her life as fully and as independently as possible. As a result of Andee’s success, we have learned that we can make a difference! All it takes is for a child to feel that others believe in his or her chance for a recovery, a committed army of family and friends, and, of course, money to provide the needed professional care.”

Kirk Adams

“Through my involvement with Andee’s Army, I have a deeper understanding of the vulnerabilities families often face with children working to overcome non-traumatic brain and neurological injuries. Andee’s Army provides a front row seat to the courage and commitment these resilient young people display as they refuse to allow unplanned circumstances affect their long-term goals and happiness. Through generous contributions, we have been fortunate to provide assistance to many wonderful families. The incremental rewards and triumphs of recovery are mutually shared and provide lasting fulfillment for all involved.”

Teresa Ashman, PhD, ABPP-Rp

“Comprehensive evaluation and treatment is the foundation to optimizing outcome following a neurological injury. Andee’s Army grant programs have been designated to help each patient’s individual situation, whether they live in Atlanta and are able to utilize services at CHOA or at Shepherd Center or are returning home outside of Georgia and are in need of outpatient rehabilitation services in their home town. It is an honor to serve with the Patient Grant Program and witness first hand how our programs continue to make a difference in the lives of these young people”

Elaine Carlos

“As a mother, watching your child suffer from a debilitating illness or injury would be your worst nightmare. Having witnessed dear friends endure this suffering first hand, made supporting this organization the most natural thing in the world. Andee’s Army picks up the slack when funds and medical insurance run out, ensuring that the children suffering from these spinal cord, brain, and neurological illnesses and injuries receive continuity of care that is crucial in recovering from this type of trauma. I am proud to be a part of an organization that offers help and hope to families in these situations.”

Kari Carlos

“Serving on the Board of Andee’s Army has enriched my life by partnering with these kids and families and the volunteers from Andee’s Army. Today and every day, these kids and their families face challenges and they are determined to make the best recovery possible. Andee’s Army and these families are working to change the outcome for tomorrow and I am honored to be part of this amazing team. “

William J. Holley, II

“When supporting charitable causes, we want to ensure that our resources—skills, time and money—are employed to make a real difference. Andee’s Army has proved that targeted focus and careful resource stewardship can make an immediate, extremely positive, impact on the lives of young adults recovering from traumatic brain injuries. That’s why I am on the Board of Andee’s Army and enthusiastically encourage others to contribute to its mission.”

Rogelio (Roy) A. Rangel

“We are taught as parents to plan and save for our children’s futures. No one prepares us though for an acquired brain or spinal cord injury. Such an injury exacts a significant toll on the patient and their families. It robs them of their health, their relationships and the family’s financial resources. Clearly, it compromises the patient’s ability to plan for their future and cope with the present. But there is hope with Andee’s Army and as a board member, I feel so fortunate to have a small part in the success of an up and coming organization that changes lives. I never cease to be amazed at the generosity of individuals and businesses who continue to help Andee’s Army create opportunities for young children to prosper and live their best lives.”

Jack Sawyer, Jr

“As trustee of several clients’ foundations and a consummate advocate of philanthropy in the Atlanta community, I have to be very selective as to where I devote my time and energy. I am immensely proud to be a member of the army of supporters within Andee’s Army. Every child and young adult should have access to these vital resources. Andee’s Army patient programs ensure that these young adults can continue with rehabilitation therapies as they work so intently on restoring former abilities and learning new ways to do things they once could do. Our goal is to provide a community where every child and young adult is able to live a full and vibrant life.”

William (Bill) E. Torres, MD, FACR

“As a member of the medical community, I am honored and committed to helping children and youth with their recovery from brain and neurological injuries. I understand the need and believe that every resource needs to be made available to help these young people become as independent as possible. Andee’s Army patient grant programs fill a void in the community by helping with the continuity of care for these young adults. “

Barbara Weissman, MD

“Andee’s Army serves a vital need for those with catastrophic events in their lives. People often do not plan for a Traumatic Brain Injury or Stroke. Andee’s Army provides support for necessary expenses such as therapy. I know as a physician that this care is so important for best recovery.”

Furman Wood, Immediate Past Chairman

“It is an honor and a privilege to serve on the Board of Andee’s Army since the inception in 2011 and help these kids with financial assistance following a devastating neurological injury. A donation today, no matter how small, makes a huge impact on the lives of the children we help. I am committed to serving on the Board of Andee’s Army so we can continue provide the resources that these young people so desperately need to work towards a life of independence. “

Michelle Jordan, Executive Assistant

“The best part of Andee’s Army is, without a doubt the young people – their smiles, faith and determination. My commitment to help is all about the kids and the Army of supporters that make it possible to continue to provide hope and resources to these incredible kids and their families.”